somethin i've came up with today... not really in order or to it's full length.

just a few basic ideas to throw in one song.

tell me what ya think.

EDIT: i'm horrible with timing, and couldn't figure out what time signature i was in, so just turn the metronome off when you have a listen, and i know there's a riff in there that sounds a good deal like a killswitch engage tune, but i'd thought of that part about a year ago (before the song was out, i think.. at least before i heard it) so don't flame on me for that.
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Beginning was good but after that it was WAY below average.......
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I think it just sounds a little wierd because you dont have the measures set up right. Its in 4/4, but the open note you play before starting the main riff should be in its own measure, and the open note you play before playing the two fith fret notes should be in the previous measure, etc. Other than that the song sounds pretty cool, i really like the main riff.
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