Hey guys if you dont care head over to this page http://www.myspace.com/pensiericasuali and give me some input on the two new 30 second bits ive added to my music page. If they suck, not catchy, or whatever you first think when you hear it. Your input is going to help determine which songs I concentrate on writing first so please bash away!! Leave comments on the music page of what you think about the clips.

p.s. I know their only 30 second clips and its hard to get an idea from only 30 seconds but you can tell the general direction im going in and plus if I already had the whole song wrote out I wouldnt need your input in the first place!
i like the gothic one...it can take any direction in terms of getting progressively heavier or staying the same. very nice and catchy
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The gothic one is better...have you tried different tempos with the gothic one...maybe if you make it faster it might even be better...just a suggestion...not saying it has to be faster however I would like to hear the lead riff sped up a bit...it might sound even better.