Seeing as how this thread can go just about any where in terms of genre (my pick included) I figured this was the best place to post this.

The question at had is, what band/song is YOUR guilty pleasure. You know, that one band/song that you'd never mention to anyone else that you love. Don't be scared, it will be alright. I'm gonna put myself at there as one of the people who are afraid of what thjey are about to say, but is willing to say it anyway. I love PM Dawn. I'm working very hard to play some of their work. I've noticed there's not a single tab for them here at all even though they have a lot of guitar oriented music.

So, I showed you mine, now you show me yours.
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This thread has been done 9001 times.

And don't be ashamed because music sounds good to you, that's a very stupid thing to be guilty about.
I don't know if any music one listens to can be titled a "guilty pleasure" but for some strange reason I have been listening to punk and alternative rock all day. I generally listen to thrash metal and power metal.
Alanis Morrisett (sp?)
Allison Krouse
Marty Robbins

but i do agree that music shouldn't be a guilty pleasure.
your right there should be a guilty pleasure in music. But i find it makes it more personal when there is a piece of music or artist that you love listening too but don't tell anyone else.