I have a Cort acoustic guitar. It is ok and I am considering getting a new one.
Which would be the best kind of acoustic to get within a realistic price range???
ciaran blanch07
realistic price range? If by "realistic" you mean under $1000 you should look at some takamines, alvarezes, and perhaps a martin d-15.
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There is a which acoustic thread at the top of this forum. There is also a which acoustic under $300 that you might like to read.

Given your location I would suggest looking into some of the Fender acoustics. They have a line out in the EU made of solid wood for a very good price. Here in the UK they are 325 quid so I'm guessing about 400 to 450 euros and they have solid spruce tops and your choice of solid bubinga, solid nato, or solid massacar ebony back and sides. I've played 5 or 6 of the ebony ones and loved them all. The bubinga and the Nato ones aren't bad but not nearly as good.

The martin D15 is also a very good guitar. Some of the top of the line Hohner guitars are nice but they are hit and miss so you have to be sure to play it 1st.

As a general rule you want a solid top. Spruce and cedar are both good. Cedar is more mellow and usually sounds better than spruce right off the shelf, but spruce ages better and usually sounds better after 5 or 6 years. If you can afford it, then solid backs give you better overall tone too. The solid sides help make the guitar more mellow sounding than laminated sides. Laminated sides give the guitar a hard edge and help it project so which is best for sides is still a bit of a debate.

How much money do you have to spend? Typically, to find the best guitar for you, you figure out what your budget is and then everybody tells you to save an extra 100 so that you can get the next step up.
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