hey, i wanted to buy a cable that links your guitar to your computer with usb. My question is, what will i be able to do with it, will i only hear the sound i used to play trough my amp or are there any programs i can use to use effects and stuff like that?
thanks for replying
Cubase FTW....
You can even get add-ons that will generate a POD XT thing and a dozen of other known pedals and stuff
And I'm not supposed to say this (sorry...)
The original software package is around 400 dollar... so I recommend you to download Cubase H2O (Age-2-Ooow, and not zero)...
It's the same Cubase but normally you'll need a usb-device to activate the registration-key, this version doesn't need that
ow just one more thing, i was wondering if i play something on the guitar that it wouldnt be delayed on the computer, else that would be pretty crappy and i would prefer buying a mixer instead although it costs a lot more