hi i'm from philippines and right now we were getting headaches on thinking what name would be great for our band..... we are four in our band and im the rhythm and lead vocals and we prefer more on emo genre and slight screaming...

Lol i have nothing to say
The KILLippines.

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hmm.. so if your emo+scream.. isnt that emo? .. just asking? whats up with all these philippino bands being emo? i heard 90% of the philippines is emo.. wtf

Emo+sream= screamo I believe
And yes a lot of philipinos are emo for some incomprehensible reason.
haha thats from the emo song ^ ^ ^ ^...death will come...or all shall die ..some emo **** like that
The Shadows of Her Love...?
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lol, i like that last one, people will tell your emo's straight away, or something cool like kellogs or max power
How about Global Demise? Why are most Phillipinos emo, maybe being on an Island makes you want to cut yourself. The world may never know.
Islands of sorrow
i'm pretty emo myself
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I wish my grass was Emo so it would cut itself.
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The KILLippines.

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deanwad could be right, actually.

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