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What are 3 guitars that you would most like to own and why? Mine would be:
1. Gibson Slash Les Paul
2. ESP KH-2 Vintage
3. Gibson '61 reissue SG

Slash is my favorite guitarist so naturally I would want to have his signature guitar (as well as his signature Marshall amp :p, Kirk Hammett is also one of my favorite guitarists and probably the guitarist that has had the most influence on my playing so once again I would love to have his signature guitar. The '61 reissue is just a guitar that I have loved since I first started playing guitar so I would also like to own one.

I will probably end up owning all of these guitars, as well as some others, by the time I'm 30 (16 now).
My Stuff:
ESP LTD MH-400 (pic's here)
Epiphone G-400 SG
Vox AD30VT
Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer
I heard that they are really hard to find, but if I did happen to find one then I may get it.
My Stuff:
ESP LTD MH-400 (pic's here)
Epiphone G-400 SG
Vox AD30VT
Marshall JH-1 Jackhammer
1. Caparison Horus Black Night/GO
2. Caparison Apple Horn Aurora(can't remember its exact name)
3. Jackson RR3 (or something similar)

4th would be a JEM of some kind xD

I will probably not end up owning all of these guitars xD I think I would have other things to spend my money on. But the next guitar I'm gonna buy (not in the near future, I'm pretty happy with my guitar, and can't really afford a horus right now) will probably be a Caparison Horus. I just love that guitar. Otherwise it would be something like the RR3.
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1.Fender vintage '62 strat
2.gibson les paul custom
3.ibanez of some sort :P
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1. Dean From Hell
2. Fender Jagstang
3. Gibson SG
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1. Jackson KE1 (or KE2, both are great)
2. Ibanez J Custom, S series or RG
3. Yamaha TRBII

-Fender Stratocaster 70's USA
-Gibson Les paul 59' USA

Good range there, Rickenbacker for rythm.....awesome.
1: Dean USA Razorback V Explosion
2: Jackson KV2T King V
3: Dean USA Rebel Razorback
Dean Dime From Hell Dimebag Tribute Guitar
SX Scorpion
Squire Strat
Fender 15R 30 Watt (No money for new amp )
Dunlop Stubby 2.0MM
Behringer Ultra Octaver
1. DEAN Razorback Shards
2. Ibanez JEM
3. Schecter Hellraiser
My Gear

DEAN Razorback Shards
Wesley crappy cheap thing

Cheap Crappy Freedom Practice AMP 15watts
VOX AD50 Valtronix
1. American Strat
2. Gibson Les Paul
3. '62 Strat

The American Strat is just a killer guitar. LP is legendary. And I'd sell the '62 Strat and get some killer boutique amp.
1. Fender Stratocaster

2. Gretch Brian Setzer Nashville

3. can't decide, but something with humbucks, for good rocking and some metal also. maybe a Les Paul or SG. or a PRS.
1. Eric Johnson Signature Stratocaster.
2. Gibson Custom Jimmy Page 1275 VOS Double Neck
3. Gibson Custom 1959 Les Paul Standard Vintage Original Spec VOS

1 because it has unmatched playability, and it's got a GREAT clean tone.
2 because it's the Jimmy page double neck from StH. Do I need a reason?
3 because it's a tonal beast, with wider frets for more dramatic bends.
1: Gibson Les Paul, Original '61 Standard
2: Fender Jaguar
3: John Frusciante's fretless 59' Strat.
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1. Ibanez UV777
2. PRS SE Custom
3. Gibson Les Paul Studio

The Universe because it's the best 7 string there is, the other two because they have such a characteristic tone.
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In order from least to greatest

1.Vintage Gibson Les Paul Custom (late 1950s to early 70s)
2.Vintage Gibson Les Paul Standard Cherry Sunburst (late 1950s to early 70s)
3.Vintage Stratocaster (60s early 70s)
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1. MIJ Les Paul
2. PRS SE Custom
3. Fender MIA Strat

( damm I should stop GASing. )
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1. MIJ Les Paul
2. PRS SE Custom
3. Fender MIA Strat

( damm I should stop GASing. )
MIJ Les Paul? Do they even exist?

1. Fender Jaguar
2. Gibson Les Paul Custom 3-Pickup
3. Gretsch White Falcon
1. Ibanez RGA Prestige
2. Fender American Telecaster
3. Gibson Les Paul Standard
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look at my gear im happy as is but i always wanted a jeff beck strat
My Gear

Gibson ES 335 (1990)
Gibson Les Paul Standard (1986)
Eppiphone acoustic john Lennon J 160 E
Fender Jagstang
Gibson SG
Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (40 tube wats)
1: Carvin TL60
1: Carvin DC747 7-string
1: Carvin SC90S
Ibanez Gio GSR100 w/ SDs

Acoustic B200
Ibanez S470 with Evo's
My customised Ibanez RG (D Activator, Chopper, Breed pickups, tremol-no, OFR, EMG Afterburner and coil split on every pickup)
Custom built RR style 7-string (yeah, i'm gunne be making it myself due to being a cheapskate, and having free mahogony available )
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My Gear:

Ibanez RG370DX
Laney VC30-212
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss CS-3
Ibanez TS9DX
Gibson '72 Custom Les Paul (In cream of course :P)
Jackson Y2KV
Purple ESP MHNT-400
Bands to see before I die:
Iron Maiden
Foo Fighters
Reel Big Fish
Streetlight Manifesto

Epi LP Standard
Washburn Strat
Line 6 Spider (Yes, I know it's bad)

Ibanez RG3570Z
Digitech Whammy
1) Vintage '70's fender stratocaster
2) '77 Gibson Les Paul Artisan (walnut)
3) Vintage 62 fender Jaguar
My gear:
-Fender Jaguar HH
-Fender Fat Strat
-Guild GAD-G212
-Washburn D33S
-Vox AC30CC1 tube amp
-Vox 847 wah
-EH Big Muff
-EH Double Muff
-EH Small Clone
Dean From Hell
Gibson Zakk Wylde Les Paul
Fender EVH Frankenstein Replica
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Minus the bigsby

1. Gibson Explorer - Natural Finish

2. Ibanez - RG550 - Reissue in Yellow

3. Fender MIA Stratocaster - 60s/70s Reissue - Sunburst/Maple Neck/Flamed Top

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Fender Blues Junior - Eminence Red, White and Blues
Fulltone OCD
Electro-Harmonix Nano Small Stone
Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo
Dunlop Crybaby
Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
1. Gibson les paul 58
2. Gibson les paul custom
3.ESP M2
4.Gibson SG 68
1) Gibson Les Paul HD.6x

2) Gibson Vegas High Roller

Err, that'd do me for electrics, so can I cheat and give an electro-acoust for the last one? K.
3) Gibson J-185EC Rosewood
1. Gibson Les Paul
2. American Strat
3. American Tele

those are my basically like to have them cause they all are very good guitars and are my style of playing...
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1.Fender 62 Heavy Relic® Stratocaster®
2.Gibson Les Paul Custom
3.Fender Vintage Hot Rod '62 Stratocaster®

Yamaha Pac112x
Fender American Deluxe HSS
Epiphone Les Paul Gothic F/R
Yamaha FX-310

Pod XT + FBV Shortboard

Marshall MG30DFX
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What are 3 guitars that you would most like to own and why?
1. Gibson Slash Les Paul

That guitar is sex. Fap fap fap fap fap
1) Slash Sig les Paul
2) Gibson Les Paul 58'
3) Fender Telecaster. Not the usual either, something special.

And I'd play em all through a Marshall JCM 2555 Silver Jubilee stack. That is marraige, oral sex and going to heaven all at once.
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