I want to design a logo for my project. I don't want to have a cheesey "ms paint" logo... so what programs do you use? Any advise?

I do have an idea about how I want it, and I am going to look on download.com,,, but if there is a program that is great let me know (especially if its a free one!!!!).

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Paint shop pro 7 is pretty good. You can draw your logo then scan it the add to it on the computer. Its kinda neat. Fun to mess with at least.
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Adobe Photoshop 7 or later. Just pirate it, not many people pay the six hundy it actually costs.
If you don't want to pirate photoshop, use GIMP. But I'd pirate Photoshop if I were you. Or find a college student and have him buy it for you. University's usually have cheap software.
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If you get photoshop, you'll have to take some tutorials, it's pretty advanced for someone just starting out and learning things.