Hey guys,

I'm looking for a new phaser and I'd like it to be versatile...

At the moment I have an old EHX Small Stone. I don't know if it's vintage or expensive, but I got it second hand, and it's in a really old box, and the info/disclaimer page inside the box is from New York.

Anyways, it sounds fine enough clean, but I'm not the biggest fan of it's sound, and if definately can't handle distortion. I'm looking for something that's smooth when clean, but can also handle distortion - I find the flanger effect a bit too edgy for my liking, and prefer a phased distorted sound for occasional passages.

What phaser would best suit my needs?

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Boss PH-3

Change the 3 for a 2 and find it used and you may be in luck

For a fairly simple solution check out the MXR Phase 90? There's alot of versions of it though.. the original script logo one is supposedly the best but i've never had the chance to use it
i'd recommend a phase 90, maybe even the EVH version with which you can switch between script and "normal" mode which i liked or a EHX small stone


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I'm also in the market for a Phaser...

I've heard the Boss PH-3 get a lot of flak, but the PH-2 seems ok....

The EHX Smallstone is held in high regards...maybe get a newer one...

The MXR Phase 90 is held in highest regard from my research...there are like 4 versions though, so I'd try a bunch out...
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