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Jealous Neptune.

The moon walked me home again
The sun half hidden in clouds
Dark in a haze of alcohol
Only showing its face to a crowd
1 O Clock sunday afternoon
The sun rises from under its cover
Too surly to speak
Too tired to walk
Too emotionless to console its lover

The moons been gone since 6am
It stayed over to nurse my wounds
Influenced by you
Not discouraged by others
I let myself down,again.

Come out when you want
I wont come yearning
Id rather die cold and in darkness
Than thirsty and burning

Come down from your perch
And drop your insecurities
You know exactly what you are
And exactly what you mean to me
Without you trees wouldnt grow
And all in the world would be grey
Grey doesnt look so bad these days though
So take yourself away

Come out when you want
I wont come yearning
Id rather die cold and in darkness
Than thirsty and burning


Rollercoaster Tango

So, last night, this is how it went down.

He slips the worm into my tequila
While I turn around and tell the woman beside me how beautiful she looks
She glances through the wall portal to my bank
Asks the teller for some green pleasure
Then I take a sip of my poison inferno that keeps screaming back for me
It grabs onto my stomach like a bucking bronco hoping not to fall out
My new lady friend starts window shopping my body
When I finally take the toxic devil down my throat like a piece of spaghetti
My cloud starts to wobble around a bit so I test my wings out
And fly down to the ground
I made a picture perfect landing on the sea of ceramic tiles and liquid stench
Before a snake crawled into my pocket
Eating a hole right through it
So my denim starts bleeding rainbows
And my friend’s calling for Hermes to give him a lift back to New Jersey
Then I manage to slide my goggles up
Until I’m met with a blinding vortex of sexual desire and clawing emotions
And I see a symmetrical Medusa’s gaze turning my heart to marshmallows
Last edited by Fate_of_Mind at Jul 8, 2007,
Don't forget to /color . Meh, I dunno honestly. I go for the attempt at red only because the other ones content lacks.
Yeah #2 was quite suprising. A great little read. That and one said "grey" instead of gray.

Grey is the surname (Technically). Gray is the colour.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.