Hello all who are reading this....I'll get right to the point.
For some reason Ace Frehley has inspired me lately to convert my ordinary guitar to A SMOKING GUITAR. I know that Aces was custom built by gibson, but there has to be some way to emulate this.
I've been looking all over and cant seem to find any plans of such.....Can somebody help me?
preferably something that doesnt involve taping a smoke machine to my rear, sticking a cigarrette on it, or setting it on fire.
you could open up the back panel and put some kind of smoke machine somewhere in there and the smoke would come out through the openings beside the pickups, but that would probably be hazardous to your guitar
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His actual guitar didn't smoke it was the pick-ups and I believe that you could only use them once, like disposible.
from Wikipedia

...but he's just as familiar for his visual effects, such as the smoke bomb hidden in his guitar pickup, sparks and rockets fired off from his guitar head, and others.
Ace put a Smoke bomb under the neck pick up and lit it during his solos!!! Careful though when you look at Ace pants there usually burnt because it caught his pant on fire a little or it got hot enough to burn it but i was thinking to do the same think.

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I may be a little late with a reply to this thread, but I just saw it. I've been a KISS fan since '75, saw them live for the first time in '77, and Ace inspired me to take up guitar myself in '78, at age 12.
I've had more than a passing interest in Ace's smoking guitar effect over the years. From all I've read, Ace engineered and built the smoking system largely by himself. The rig utilized a faux pickup top in the neck position that was spring loaded and would swing out of the way inside the guitar and trigger a mechanical fuse (like those used to ignite model rocket engines) that would ignite a smoke bomb inside the pickup cavity. This smoke was back-lit by a high intensity projector bulb (like those used in old 8mm film projectors) that gave the illusion that the guitar was actually on fire. All this was powered by battery packs inside the guitar control cavity, and accessed through an opening routed into the back of the guitar and covered with a Strat-style rear tremolo cover. In photos/videos where the back of Ace's Les Paul can be seen while smoking, you can see light from the projector bulb shining through the six string holes in the Strat access plate.

By the way, there is some outfit now selling a smoking guitar system on eBay now. I'm sure you could build your own, but it might be easier to buy one.
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You should just grinding it up and smoke it...

You know, as in the verb not the adjective.
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i got a guitar made out of salmon. it came smoked.
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preferably something that doesnt involve taping a smoke machine to my rear, sticking a cigarrette on it, or setting it on fire.

Taken out of context, that is absolutely hilarious!
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set it on fire... hendrix style.

or +1 to taping a smoke machine to yourself.
Smoke bombs are easy to make-you could make a small one and stick it in the pickup cavity if you wanted to. You'd have to be careful that everything is a very fine powder before starting though, or you'll get flames. Flames in your guitar's pickup cavity are bad. Basically you melt potassium nitrate (can be gotten at Home Depot in the garden section) and sugar together until they look like peanut butter (<i>STIR OFTEN</i>, then put the mixture in a container and add a fuse. If you don't use your neck pickup much you could make a fake one that would really just be a container for the smoke bomb. Metal pickup cover with a base, drill a hole in the side for a fuse, add smoke bomb mixture and have fun. You could do all kinds of crazy things, just be creative.

I take no responsibility for any damage you may cause yourself, your guitar, or anything else. Have fun, be safe and don't burn your house down.
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