I liked the main guitar riffs, but they got a bit tiring after a while. Some bass would really lift this song up to the front of the basic metrenome I think. The solo seemed very well planned, but seemed a bit out of time towards the end of it. If this had vocals, it would be a bit better =]
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some pretty cool riffs in there for sure... the solo sounded pretty well played but a little out of time towards the end of it... you neeeed to get a drum program or something man haha. Listening to a metronome for 3 and a half minutes was not cool... haha. but good job job non the less!

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The main riff is good the first few times, but gets tiring until that first really fast batch of lead kicks in. Which was really cool. It then doesn't vary enough, however, and the next bit of lead isn't as sharp and is a bit out of time. Whenever it gets back to that one riff, things rock.

Obviously, lose the metronome. And add some bass. But I see potential.

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