i started playing about a month ago on an acoustic and a walmart electric(i kno it even hurts my ears) and want to upgrade to something better. the catch is i dont have enough to dish out enough for a nice fender or gibson. i started looking and i found 2 with very good reviews for thier price. the Ibanez GRX20 and the Epiphone les paul special 2. my acoustic is epiphone and its never had any problems and was built very sturdy(it was my brothers) and it still looks and plays like new even though its over a year old, so im leaning twards epiphone. i would like some advice though from people who have expirience with both guitars. i've read reviews about both but i want to know whats actually better orworse about them compared.
i have the special 2. i like it mostly as a good first guitar, but it does have a cool sound. my whole rig is from the value pack at guitar center, but it can play pretty much anything i thhrow at it.
well i like the music style of shinedown and heavier breaking benjamin. im just starting out so i cant really afford a 400 and up guitar ya know. im trying to find one in the 150-250 range as a starter