I was just away for a week, and I got back and took my Gibson les paul custom out of its case to play it, and I discovered a strange buzz. It's not feedback from the pickups, and it doesnt do it on my other guitars, and it does it with all the cables that I have. It's just a faint little static humming, and when I touch the strings, or any piece of metal on the guitar, it stops. I guess I am grounding it at the point or something. I have no idea what would cause this. I don't think it would be too serious, but I would like to know what is happening. Could it be that it was just in its case for a week and I took it out on a really humid day? I'm not sure how that would work but I'm not sure what else could have happened, since it was fine before I left.
It's not that big a deal- it goes away when you touch the strings, right?
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If you take it to a guitar tech and have them look at it, they'll be able to fix it for you, probably for less than $30.