what amps work best with the digitech death metal pedal?

i posted a thread about this a couple of days ago and lots of people said tube amps or roland cube n that
but then reading on i found pedals don't work well with these amps or something.

what amp (prefferably no more than £200) works well with this pedal?
For amps under £200, you're going to struggle to find something that really gets the most out any given pedal (or in fact, generates any decent sound at all). There are a few, but not any that will make you go 'wow'. Be prepared for this.

That said, Fender do a number of cheaper amps that sound 'fine'; I use a simple little Fender Bullet 150 for practising in small rooms, it's just a weak 15watt thing (cost like, £110, what d'you expect?), but it sounds fine for practising, and I've never had any problems with any pedals not working/sounding crap through it.

Marshall also do a couple of more affordable small amps that will probably do the job - the AVT20 is about £150 or so I think, don't own it myself, but I know two people who use it for practising, and it's always sounded fine. Again, pedals/stompboxes included.

Then, there's the Roland Cube series. The 20, 30 and 60 should all be under £200 wherever you get them, and like the Fender and Marshall, sound... well, just fine, as far as I've ever experienced. I know you said you read they don't work well, but I've used a Roland Cube 60 with a Digitech Eric Clapton Crossroads pedal, and even when on the 'Layla' setting of that (which gives a considerable boost to the sheer volume, plus some fairly heavy distortion - obviously not as much as your Digitech Death Metal, but it's in the same kind of ballpark in terms of stressing the amp, and of course made by the same company if you're bothered), the amp did just fine. Bottomed out a bit when I tried to slap a Wah in with that too, but otherwise, it lasted fine.

'Course, if you're looking for something to gig with, you're screwed if you think you'll get anything decent for under £200.
if you can get an EQ pedal then you might want to try the epiphone valve special for 100 pounds(ish). it is all tube and great cleans, but it only has a master vloume so you really need an EQ and distortion pedal. alternatively, if you can save up about 70 pounds more then you can get the version with gain, EQ, reverb, chorus and flanger all built in. trust me get this over an AVT, I have tried both amps out next to each other and the AVT is still really synthetic sounding.
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