It's probably so he can hybrid pick, that is, use both his fingers and a pick, but I really don't know.
Sweet Carvin btw....I'm thinking of getting one just like it for my next guitar
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I don't know what its called exactly, but I'm pretty sure he uses it because that's what's comfortable for him. Also, he might prefer tapping with his index or he may have better control that way.

Tommy Emmanuel holds it that when when hes doing harmonics high on the neck, so he can pick them and play notes with his left at the same time. Difficult to explain, Ill try and find a youtube vid to show you.

edit --> http://youtube.com/watch?v=FuR0trXMw3c
about a minute in, but worth watching whole thing
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its just his own style of picking... Just do the same thing you would normally do, except with the bird instead of your index.

and Connah you are right, he prefers it that way so he can automaticly use his index for tapping, then switch back to normal picking.