Have any of you learnt this? Im learning it and its F ing hard . How long did it take you guys to learn and what skill lvl is this?
Intro is great fun, I've learnt all the rhythm parts, but no solos. I'm not really sure how long it would take, I kind of learnt the intro then then every so often I'd learn another riff from it until I had all of them.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!
I started to and I never finished, I moved on to Holy Wars haha.
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Rhythm part is pretty easy and so are some of the leads, but the solo...... thats Friedman at he's best imo! so you can imagine how hard it sorta is!
rhythm is fairly easy, the leads are kinda easy but he throws in some challenging licks. i just improvise them.
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...You can't say that the leads are KINDA easy.

Heck, they're freak'n insane. Ask Dave_MC. Evidently, he can play most of friedman's solos....

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I just started working on the solos a few days ago. I've had the rythm parts down for a while. The solos are all broken into chunks, so i use them to make it manageable. So far with a few days i have one of the solos down.
i know the first little solo, with the bends while he sings. thats it though, i tired the other solo's arhhhhhhhhh. Dave's solos arent that hard if u can tremelo pick good
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