I have Been playing Guitar for around a year and a half now and idk it just seems like im not getting what i want out of it? i just play at home but all i seem to do is play songs that are pretty easy and i never really progress! I have trouble spending time on one harder song so i usualy just ditch it and go play something thats easy, its the same with solos i can't seem to stay into it enough to keep with it. i just get discouraged. And idk i just dont know really what to focus on on....scales chords etc....

Does any one have/had this problem?

What should i work on to make me a better guitarist and to feel like im getting what i really want out of it!

are there any methods to hold my interest on one thing so i can learn it well all the way through?

Thanks a lot

You aren't motivated. Try do something different, shake up the routine a little bit. Try learn some old classic songs that might be easy but gratifying. Learn some scales and improvise for a few minutes without stopping. Just get out of your routine.

Maybe guitar is something you actually don't want to do? This is another possibility. Maybe you just don't get what you thought you would from it. This may or may not be your case but just think about it. Do you play guitar because you want to and do you pick it up quite often? Or do you only pick it up because you feel you have to practice?

Finally make sure you are enjoying yourself.
i feel the same way man i just play the same 10 crappy very easy tabs i already know and i dont see me getting much better but id try to play with other people to get some inspiration or something but the guy above had some decent advice we just gotta wait and keep playinig and i think if you keep playing something eventually will change so yeah peace
yea i deffinantly pick it up cuz i want to i am always with it playing but i just find myself always playing the same old easy songs cuz i can play them! when i really want to learn to play some good solos and harder impressive songs you know something i can be proud of!

but i really enjoy playing i just wanna be good now haha i know thats not going to happen but i wanna start seeing myself get there!
What are these easy songs may I ask? I would get quite bored if I only played the same songs, so these must be really good
haha yea idk its not like the same 3 songs but like easy songs like some godsmack, breaking benjamin, red jumpsuit, RATM just like easy riffs from songs and stuff nothing to hard but i only play like parts of songs to never a full thing cuz i do sometimes get board!
Learn something different then. Try something in a completely different style like Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Bob Dylan(I know it's simple but it's cool) just mix it up a bit. Do things you would never do. That's a thing that motivates me.
Alright, i will try some new stuff out!

do you have any recommendations for things like scales etc... what should i try learning?
Meh not without knowing which ones you know. For starters get a grasp on:
Major/minor Pentatonics.
The blues scale.
MAjor scale
Minor scales(Natural, harmonic, melodic)

Then move onto modes and other bits and pieces.

I'm going to bed.
Alright Well thanks man!

feel free to recommend some classic songs that you think might catch my attention and i might enjoy!