I have to be able to play this peice of music to audition for this jazz camp that im going to and i need to learn a few of the chords.
the first is C7alt
i dont know any alt chords. the second is D7alt which i can ofcourse figure out if i know the form of the C7alt.
I also need to know G7#11.
i also need to demonstrate voicings.
im kind of stuck there. I know i've learned what a voicing is before, but i cant remember now.

any help on the forms of the chords and voicings would be greatly appreciated.
C7alt: C - E - Gb - G# - Bb - Db - D#. (Gb, G#, Db and D# are all the alterations you can make, which ones you use are up to you).
D7alt: D - F# - Ab - A# - C - Eb - E#. (As above, Ab, A#, Eb and E# are alterations)
G7#11: G - B - (D) - F - C#.

You should use the notes to find voicings you like..