This is me and Elise playing our, ehh, first actual own song I think :p .
We came up with this and thought it was not that bad, hahah but we're already sick of it now , we never like the things we come up with ourselves is that normal?
But we're really curious what you think about it, is it crap, not that bad or a superduper #1 hit wordwide ( )?
Oh and there were a few little screwups because we got a bit confused with the order of the riffs but meh.

Thanks for watching
You need to structure it better...and add some vocals!!!

Seriously though, it sounds like you litterally ARE just doing riffs in the order they pop into your head =]
Okay thanks, yeah well let's get the guitars good before we start thinking about vocals .
Maybe having a lead guitar and rhythm guitar would make more sense? In my band me and Nick[vocals/guitar] we switch off rhythm and lead. Sometimes we do a sort of dual solo. What He does is play rhythm while I kick off a solo from his vocals, then when I get to a certain point I kick in rhythm and he goes to lead. All that gain was harsh for just some rock. Can you add more lights next time? xP
sounded pretty good to me, it has a lot of potential...but recording it with a video camera isn't exactly the best way to go about starting a song. just figure out the base of the song and then build off of it. the guy above is right, all it really needs is structure and then it could easily be turned into a good song.

crit mine?
We'll shape it up a lot yeah and maybe then record it again to see if there's big improvement!