Make an offer on each. Pictures on request.

Butterscotch Squier 20th Anniversary Strat.
-Comes with everything except for neck and bridge pickups, pickgaurd Screws, and a neck.

Behringer iAXE Guitar in Black.
-Comes with everything to get you recording and playing.
-Can Use guitar rig and amplitube.
-Has a Tom Morrello style killswitch installed.

Boss DS-1
-Has box.

US only please.
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well i got an MG
let me get this strait; a semi loaded butterscotch squier body right? no neck? I'd like a pic please and an asking price. sweet.

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information for ydocytraccm: the iAxe is only $120 USD new
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this is barely a question. only an idiot would buy a zune.
bump, churub I gave him a reasonable price, i wouldn't rip him off like that.
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well i got an MG