so i've been working on this overdrive pedal for a while,


mostly just to get a general understanding of electronics so that i can eventually tackle larger projects

i'm having some problems, and i think i know what i have to do, but i just wanted to ask if anyone know's if the type of capacitor i use is important. can i use ceramic disc capacitors or do i have to use metalized film ones?
that's the conclusion i'm coming to through further research

do they just sound bad or do they not function the same way?
They're really not as good of quality. They sound better.
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^^ As long as you get the right values, they'll work fine, though. Unless sounding bad counts as working badly, that is...
Well, a lot of people prefer the 'edge' that ceramics give to distortion pedals.
If you want to smoothest tone, go with silvered mica caps. They aren't exactly cheap, but they are apparently a lot better sounding than ceramic or MKT.
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