my trip to the beach next week. I'm leaving on Wed. (its a church/youth thing) and i need a recommendation of a slow acoustic song i could play and sing, just to show off a little bit. Prefferably something easy, b/c i'm mostly a bass player.
Desert Song by my chemical romance, the chords are really easy to pick up on and so is the strumming.

We're coming back, coming back
We'll live forever, live forever
Let's have wedding, have a wedding
Let's start the killing, start the killing

The general? That's not to slow, though. Hotel california? i dunno.

Way to try to show off at a church thing. That's that humility of christ coming out in you...haha....jk, jk. I understand. But yea, those are two good options.
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just get some christian praise songs online and sing them all around a campfire.
if you can sing, do hey there delilah, but then again youll look like a fag
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Can you be more specific about the bob dylan thing, there's a ton of songs. I like that idea because he didn't really set the bar to high as a singer.
rise against- swing life away (really easy song.)

incubus- drive (this one's a little tougher unless you get the chords and rhythm down good. otherwise it's simple)

jack johnson-
sitting waiting wishing (everyone knows it)
good people
banana pancakes

O.A.R.- that was a crazy game of poker (very easy. same 4 chords throughout, but it's a really fun song).

foo fighters- times like these (the acoustic version. very good song that a lot of people will know).

stealer's wheel- stuck in the middle with you. (another song everyone knows)

sublime- what i got (yet another.. everyone knows the lyrics song)

anyway, hope that helps. these are some of my favorite songs to play on acoustic
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i do that a lot- not the church thing but the hippie on the beach thing. these are some fav's that are incredibly easy to learn

wonderwall- oasis
collide- howie day
you and me- lifehouse
gravedigger (acoustic)- dave matthews band

and for the bob dylan

masters of war (its like 2 chords)
tangled up in blue (****load of lyrics to memorize)

good luck
Come you masters of war,
You who build the big guns
You who build all the planes
You who build all the bombs