i tried to do an online band before but it didnt work because i had about 20 guitarist and some other @$$hole started taking charge and telling evryone their doing evrything wrong (whilst trying to play over msn lol) but i want to try it again.

NO METAL. i want to try to make origional sounding stuff thats not like evry other band in the world

we need...

guitarist (rythem or lead it wont make a difference.)
singer ( if the guitarist/bassist/drummer cant sing)
(maybe) keyboard(ist?)

dont pm me add me/ email me at kcscloud@hotmail.com

Quote by ChordMonger
i can do bass or guitar, dont really care, and i can send files in cubase, as mp3, or guitarpro tabs

alright add my msn/email me

and guitar pro or mp3 would be best
Sent my E-mail. Lead or rhythm, fine with me.
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