Hey, I am looking to trade for my randall halfstack. It's an RH100 and is one year old. I am looking for good trades for it. Doesn't have to be music related. Also, I would like to do this locally.

So if any of you local people here wanna trade for a half stack, let me know what you have to offer. Thanks!

where are u located and what would u be willign to trade for? or how mych wouldu sell?

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I am located in newfoundland, canada, and I am not looking for anything in particular. Actually, I would really like a ps3 as I had to sell mine , or even another half stack. I would also like a really nice acoustic. That is a couple of things, just make some offers. I don't know how much I would sell it for, that is open to offers too I guess, but I prefer trade. Also, shipping would be a fortune on an amp, that's why I would like to do this locally here in newfoundland.

but anything can happen.
Weren't you selling this for like $300 before?
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