Like, right now I'm writing a song, and the first draft of the lyrics were kind of a poppy song about my local music scene, and since I didn't really think that was a good subject to care about, I put it on the backburner. The second draft was some weird ditty that wasn't completely coherent. So right now I'm listening to Sufjan Stevens. Somehow listening to this guy immediately just gives me ideas for songs.
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For lyrical inspiration I look at the news for a political song, or think about life or whatever, like I would guess anyone does.

Listening to any local band or to some Nine Inch Nails makes me go "damn I should go write a song!" I don't really know why, just does.
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I disagree Slipknot is more technical than Necrophagist and more brutal than Suffocation, that's why I do hardcore dances to it with my 14 year old friends.
Steve Vai never fails me. Way much more than a simple source of inspiration.
Kurt Cobain, he could take a simple pop song and redefine a genre with it
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I know I have Body Dysmorphic Disorder too.

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There's this guy called Jimmy Hendicks or something who's quite inspirational, I feel.

(Misspelling is intentional)
Luca Turilli; if ever I don't feel like playing, he gets me going
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