guitar sounds really cool so far, as for the vocals...you don't have a bad voice...i can see what you're going for. i think with practice you have a lot of potential. this is your first song or just your first acoustic song? because i actually thought it was very good. personally i would've liked it to be completely acoustic without the electric at the end but maybe with a full band that would work out well.

crit mine?
dude, i really like your voice a lot. very indie sounding. if this came up into the rotation of music I listen to, I wouldn't skip it.

the voice doubling on the chorus sounds a little unusual to me (though not necessarily bad). I really like the guitar and all that. The tone on the guitar solo could use a little work. other than that, it's really solid.

it's crazy to see what other members of this site come up with some times. keep at it. i think you should keep the singing up though. you could make some cool tunes.
I agree with TheNoManBand, Standing farther away from the mic would help outyour vocals, and in my opinion they are not that bad. I enjoyed the intro. Crit mine plz?

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