So i got this new idea, its kinnda part of something every NEW guitar player should do.

Well i've been playing guitar for about 2 years and im doing pretty well, concidering that i dont have too much time to play, i improve pretty fast.

I regret that i didn't record me playing once in a while just to see how crappy my guitarplaying was in the beginning.
In a few years or so it would be fun to watch an old vid of me struggling with smells like teen spirit or Tenacious D - one note song (lol).

So if u guys have some videos like with like 6 months space, upload it on youtube and link it here!

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Hahaha...good idea!

Pity I don't have any video recordings of me struggling with Nothing Else Matters and similar on an extremely lousy classical guitar...all my recordings are on MC cassettes long gone who knows where.

I have one or two old MP3 recordings, the first time I bought the microphone...on the same lame guitar, and when I find them I will definitely post them. There are a few recordings I am actually proud of. I hope I will find those, my HD crashed a few months ago and I don't know if I saved the songs elsewhere.
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Really good idea.

It's a great trick to record your playing, and go back to the tape a few months later, because you realise that you always improve.

Don't let those times of feeling stuck in a rut get you down!
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Epiphone les paul standard
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