Hey, I'm kinda new to electric guitar (2 months now) and I just bought my first effects pedal. I picked it because it was mid-range compared to all the other ones there, as I didn't want to spend too much or end up with junk when buying my first pedal.

I currently have a (censored) ALDI guitar, but an alright Peavey Solo amp.

I'm hoping to get a good sound for it similar to Anthrax and Metallica, a more 80's metal sound. If someone could help me it would be great. I've mucked around with it for a while to try out different sounds, but so far havn't been that successfull...

EDIT: Don't talk about my guitar, I know it is bad but I have to put up with it. It was a present and I don't want to dissapoint my parents by getting rid of it straight away. They didn't tell me it was from ALDI and I gotta keep them thinking I don't think it is from ALDI...
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I got one but I really can't put this one up for you, I have used and owned quite a lot of pedals but the only one I really like is the visualsound J&H wich I still own. This is most likely to expensive though since you own an ALDI guitar(I didn't know those ****ers sold them too.

Boss had decent, and even great merchendice, the new stuff however stinks imo as does the MD-2. It's either to bassy or all high end brittle or a very bad combination of both.

I've used a multi-effect pedal made by korg for a long time though, and was very happy with that. Very handy, and not as expensive.
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Yeah, I couldn't believe it to. It was a present, so I didn't dare question it for a few weeks. I was really shocked that my parents would buy my first electric from ALDI too...
I'm even more surprised that they have ALDI's in australia too, it's a ****ing german company!
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Grrr, it's also draining the battery really fast, it's getting quite annoying...
unplug the input side when you finish playing, and/or get a power supply.

i don't really like the md-2, either. i don't own it, so i don't have hours and hours of tinkering with it, but from when i did not like what i tested at shops. then again, i know a guy who uses one and gets an absolutely killer tone (myspace.com/somnobre. listen to his solo about 2/3 of the way in "high steppin"). i don't know his settings, but it sounds great (then again, he's also using a much better amp and guitar than you). just fool around with it a LOT. don't just increase the treble and bass on it, experiment below 12 o clock, also. and have fun!
I own one and I like the tone it gives me, takes a little messing around, I prefer keeping the gain a little below 9 o'clock, and the distortion a little above 12 o' clock, and keep the treble and bass below 12 o'clock, hope that helps, it really depends on your gear and what sound you want.
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Thanks for the help. I read all the book for it, and only found out last night that leaving the input in drains battery (after fooling around and reading the back of it) Now I need to buy another battery and hopefully it will last long
wtfs an aldi guitar?
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I love my MD-2. Like everyone has said, it takes AGES to find a decent setting.. but once you have it I like to use the MD-2 just for distortion and bottom end, then my overdrive tightens the tone up and shapes it. Be careful with it, because your tone will get REALLY messy if you start maxing ANYTHING out. NEVER take the level above 3 o'clock. The same goes for the treble and bottom controls. Call 12 o'clock the max for your gain, and about 1 o'clock for distortion.

Remember, get a nice, clean signal from the pedal, then amplify that. Don't start cranking the pedal, otherwise you'll just feed fuzzy **** into your amp.
Cool, I've been cranking the different settings up a lot higher, so that's probably why I was having really weird sonds. At one stage I had this really good Megadeth setting but I quickly forgot that when the battery ran out
its a good pedal, but it makes wayyyy to much noise, i would go for a line 6 uber metal, i love mine and a built in noise-gate, so you can control how much noise is coming out
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