im about to go to europe on a school trip. I go to Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow (poland) and Prague (checz republic)
I want to get some proper absinthe to bring back. wheres best to get it?
also what else should i get?
bring back some weed
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Get checz beer, some of the best in the world.
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you can get it from touristy shops in many places, and normal markets or if your going by plane duty free for decent price. thats what i do normaly. Altho seriously its strong ****e fair play. been drinking it for a couple of years now and even to this day im weary of tht ****e and i drink like a whale
Amsterdam = weed
Berlin = lager
Prague = absinthe

Spunds like a good school trip
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is it strict in shops at all?

Im guessing that depends on if you look 10 or 21.

Im thinking their more relaxed though but, you might get in trouble in the airport customs if your not 18, if they find out, but if your going by boat and coach, i wouldn't worry as much.
****ing rite its gonna be an awesome trip. the teachers have said we can drink too, just not allowed to get too hammered (to their knowledge)
Prague is the best for Absinthe.

And yes, get some weed in amsterdam (YOu need to show your ID)
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