i recently posted a thread about this but i cant find it now and i have a few new questions. i play metal like children of bodom, pantera, metallica and stuff and i want really good distortion but also good cleans. i was considering a randall 50 watt tube combo, but someone suggested the B-52 as well, so i was wondering since theyre about the same price range, is the stealth series or the AT series better?
also if i could somehow save enough money to get a (possibly used) Marshall JCM2000 or a Mesa Dual rectifier, would it be a huge step up and should i do that instead?
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You could look an ebay for a used 5150/6505 combo- probably one of the best metal amps and the worst everything else amps.
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Well, what's your max to spend? You should try a Boogie Mark IV or maybe a DC-5. The JCM2000s are okay, but I think they're a bit too bright for what you want. To me, they're hard rock amps, not metal amps. And Rectos are overrated, IMO.
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