Hey everyone, I've been considering getting a set of Bareknuckle Pickups for my Ibanez RG2550.
Basicly, I just need some general info on what pickups generate what kind of sounds/tones.
I play basicly every metal genre. Death/black/power/doom/prog/thrash etc etc.
So basicly, as high gain as I can get for the bridge humbucker is needed.. death metal is the genre I play most so we'll just base it as a death metal kinda guitar sound I'm going for then.
For the neck pickup I'd really want one with amazing tone, for slow melodic solos, and also with amazing tone and clarity for high speed shredding/sweeping.
I've been thinking about the Warpig calibrated set as supposedly that's their highest output humbuckers, but yeah that's just going from what I've heard. I don't know any definite info so that's where you guys can help me !
I have EMGs on my KH-602 and my EC-1000, and yeah they are amazing for high gain riffage type stuff, but I find them really lifeless and to have no tone if I'm going for a solo or whatever.. so that's why I'm looking for an amazing high gain alternative to EMGs.
Oh yeah I nearly forgot, the middle pickup on my Ibanez.. hmm I'd want that to be for really nice cleans, for progressive metal type interludes and such, does anyone know what the best BKP would be for there? Or I could get a Lace single coil there for cleans.. general suggestions would be appreciated
So to sum it up!
- Which set of BKP humbuckers would be best for death metal but also have great tone?
- Any reccomendations for a single coil I can put in the middle?
Warpigs are definitely the BKP for you by the sounds of things. I have no experience of any of the BK single coil models, but I can highly recommend the Kinman single coil range, I have them in my strat and they sound incredible.
ceramic warpig in the bridge and a cold sweat in the neck should be good. the cwp is very tight and has lots of output so it'll do death metal just fine. i have one in my 7 string and things sound very clear even with lots of gain. the cold sweat is recognized as the "shredders" pickup even tho it can do a lot more. its amazing for leads and actually sounds pretty good clean. the nailbomb is another option but i think its better suited for the slower leads. its more middy than the cold sweat and i think it sounds better for more proggy stuff. if you want to use a neck pickup with the single coil then a nailbomb would be great because it splits well. you can put a trilogy or sinner from BKP in the middle if you wish. those are the only two higher gain singles they offer and one should do the job for you just fine.
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i'd ask over at the BKP forum- a lot of people seem to put nailbombs into rg's, maybe the warpig doesn't work as well in rg's?

I dunno, best to ask.
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