so the past year or so i've lived in an apartment where i couldn't really play my 120watt crate due to neighbors so i was forced to play on a craptastic 10 or 15watt marshall MG(my SG actually cried when i opened the case to play)...well now they are gone so im free to do as i wish until new people take the place over,and who knows when that will be,i busted out my crate GFX 212T(not amazing but its not to bad) it has two gain channels an an FX channel with its own footswitch selector, but whenever i use the distortion on the amp, even when im not playing its just a loud as hell buzz that sounds like ass,it was so bad that i just toally unhooked the footswitch that came with the amp, and hook up my pedal board and use my DS-1 instead

so would as noise suppressor be all i need to take care of that?..i've never used on of those but i'd be willing to get one and see how the distortion from the amp compares to that of the Ds-1 without listening to the mind numbing buzz, and if so is there any particular one i should look to get,or stay away from..not worried about price to much