Yes, another few guitars being chopped from the lineup, along with a professional standard mic!

Samson Q7 Microphone & Stand & Leads - £35

What an awesome mic, im not even going to bother going into detail - google it. Its wired, I have a long XLR lead, and also a XLR to jack converter lead so u can plug it into a guitar amp if you really wanted to.

Epiphone Les Paul Jr - £85 (£90 if goes to ebay!)

Korean model - not chinese!

P90 - Not humbucker!

Guitar Info
Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database
October 1997
Production Number: 0040

Aria Pro II Fat Strat Type - OFFERS

80's I think, needs electrics sorting as I can only get a half descent sound out of one selector on pickup selector, nice guitar though!

Image Shack being a douche, will get pics up later or add me to MSN
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
Junior has sold for £85 on ebay plus £15 shipping
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220