The drummer in the white stripes is the worst drummer every to be sucessful? I mean i don't play drums and i know i can play better than her she is terrible.

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i think the new tune is a a load of crap

i am a VERY mediocre player and i think i could play the racket he does

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Meg White sucks as a technichal drummer, but come on, imagine Neil Peart or Keith Moon playing on Stripes songs. The beauty of the White Stripes is the simplicity.

Plus, she's hot.
i think thats the point... its just stop-start drumming. you cant tell me that "7 nation army" isnt the most catchy song you've ever heard.
Just because she plays a musical style that's easy doesn't mean she's a terrible player. How do you know she didn't used to play for some insane underground tech/death metal band?

It's like saying Dime bag would have been a terrible player just because you saw him playing something easy. Not saying she's the drumming equivalent, but you get my point.