ok so im selling a 'goodie bag' of fx pedals so get those pennies out

contents of bag are

a original cry baby wah

a boss ds1

a behringer od 100 (can be a little more mellow than the boss or mental when used together)

a behringer uc100 lovely chorus effect

a behringer eq700 very close to a boss eq!

a behringer nr100 cuts hum!

and a power lead

oh and a ac-ac us adapter free

all bought from new and in perfect working order

bar the ds1 that i got 2nd hand but its 100% nick

The whole lot for a ton !!!!

thats £100 uk +p&p
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would it be possible to break up the lot? i might only be interested in 1 or 2 pedals?
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yeah the other ones ie th eq, noise reducer, ultra corus, and overdrive, i thikn they are made of plastic. this guitar shop i go to sells them my cousin bought a phaser and broke it at a show lol
yes they are plastic im 15 stone and i havent broken one plastic would be a bad idea for a wah but do you need to jump on them??
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...Damn you.
i don't know you just need to be drunk playing guitar with energy on stage but i will say they repretty good for practicing at home wiht and at least half the price of a boss pedal so they aren't that bad but it is still plastic
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25 shipped if so im rather interested.
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