I have just bought a mic, but I suddenly realized I have no amp for it! Is it possible to equalise and use a guitar amp or a bass amp for it? can I plug the mic to the same amp I'm using with my guitar at the same time? just some stupid simple questions, thanx
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Yeah you can as long as you don't have overdrive on your amp on.
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When i jam with friends and family, its pretty ghetto, but we usually just run the mics through bass amps or through the clean channels on guitar amps.
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It will work fine, but there is a special adaptor you should buy that goes on the end of the mic cable, and turns it into a 1/4 inch cable. It also slightly amplifies the signal, otherwise it will be really quiet. Dont just get a mic to 1/4 cable, get a mic cable and the adaptor and it should work fine.