Hey, im selling my boss gt8 guitar processor because i need money for school this coming semester. its in great condidition. nothing wrong with it internally or externally. and i bought the $50 dollar fitted boss case for the gt8 so i will include that as well.

i can ship to the us only. $400/abo shipped. anyone interested my aim sn = P8ntTbllDd87.

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No Offence only trying to help you sell it but 400? Bit steep man.
well its $445 new and the case is like 50 bucks. i dont use it. lol. and i said 400obo so im willing for people to make offers.
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nope everythings working great. on the front of the case theres a small white mark you can see it in the pic. ill try to get it out. you interested?
so this cant plug into a computer by USB can it? I have a Pod XTL but the GT8 seems better with the exception of direct USB connection.