does anyone here know how to get Randy's famous tone using a Digitech Metal Master pedal?

Please help me out!
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at first you should write the name of randy in the right way..
hmm... I don't think you can get close to his tone with the Digitech...
remember, his tone is built up on Marshall's, OLD Marshalls so... goodluck I guess.

in anycase, you might want to bump the mids more if you're scooping'em...
Are you seriously trying to achieve the legendary tone of a guitar master with a piece of crap Digitech pedal.

Metal distortion pedals suck... all of them.
you cant get the tone with just the metal master, you need reverb and delay as well. I cant get the tone with the Death Metal Pedal, so im not sure about the metal master. try looking at the video where guitar world showed you how to play Crazy Train.
I had a book that was transcribed by wolf marshall however unfortunately I sold over 1000 songs in tab recently and I threw in this book as a bonus...bought the book in the 80's...here is what the book looks like.

I did take a pic of the page with his setup however im not sure what you can get from it.

thanks... that helps actually... cuz I really like his tone, and would like to have one similar... but knowing his setup helps lol