im changing strings om my standard for the first time to elixir .10 gauge today.
i have a beginers guitar book that says i may have to adjust the truss bar and some other stuff if im changing the gauge of the strings or i may damage the guitar,
not quite sure what it means,so should i take it to a guitar tech or is all this something i can do myself?
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You shouldn't have to adjust your truss rod if you're only going up one gauge (assuming you originally had 9s). Changing strings is a fairly easy process as long as you don't have a floating bridge, and even then it's only a little more difficult. If you're not sure on how to change your strings, read this thread and find which type of bridge is on your guitar, then follow the steps.
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i have an epiphone standard so its a tuneomatic..
and the strings that are on now are 9s i think cuz they came with the guitar..
I advise you to get some expert advise regarding this. Get hold of jenny1565 or Dave_mc. I guess jenny is out of town o something. Ask Dave n he might forward you to someone.
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Oh ok...you playing an epiphone so you should have no problems at all changing up one gauge...Im giving you the green light to go ahead and change to the next gauge...Ive been playing for a long time so I know a thing or 2 about changing strings.

also someone else mentioned in this thread that you can change strings as well which I agree with...go ahead and change them now.

I usually put the finer string (G,B and high E) through the hole twice on the tunning pegs/keys so they dont slip and go out of tune as much.

Allow lots of string (but not to much) to wrap around pegs...I like mine to wrap around several times.
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well is there a way to check that the stock epiphone standard srings are .9 gauge uz im still using those
I have an epiphone...i think it came with 9's however I switched to 10's with no problem at all...lets say you put the 10's on and it isnt to your liking then you can still adjust it afterwards anyway so i wouldnt worry about...plus you can always go back to 9's if you have to and not adjust it at all...its no biggy.
ok,so i'd only worry if it came with lets say like .8s or .7s and was going up like 2 or 3 gauges?
Its ok because basically your still in the light gauge area...now if you changed to heavy gauge you may have to adjust however going form say super light to light isnt much difference with a guitar like you have...if it was a guitar with tremlo and floyd rose it may be a different story however with your guitar its no problem.
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invincibleneo - you are one of the only people in this thread that talk sense.