I've been looking around for what I think is a good reverb pedal. But after searching around some, I haven't got a clue what I want.

Who's ever heard of that song "Wicked Game" by Chris Isaak? If you haven't, click here and give it a listen.

The effect heard in that song is the one I want. Not the fading pitch at the beginning of the song, that's from a tremolo bar, I know that. But the echo-y sound, THAT's what I'm looking for. One of my problems is that, (after looking at a variety of effects
pedals on musiciansfriend.com,) I don't have any idea what the difference between Reverb, Echo and Delay is. Another problem, I don't know what effect he used in the recording of that song, otherwise, I'd just buy the corresponding pedal.

Yesterday, I played a friends Gibson ES-135 on this antiquated old amp and heard the reverb that was built-in to the amp. It sounded just like what I wanted. Of course, I don't wanna purchase a whole amplifier just for the built-in reverb. But, it's made me take a liking to reverb over echo and delay. (Back to musiciansfriend.com...)

So, I didn't find a reverb pedal (that I can afford.) But, I found this. It looks like a good buy to me. It's even got good reviews. But I still don't know the difference between "Reverb" and "Echo." And I don't know what "Slapback" means either. I'm so confused.

Bottom Line:
I have a Peavey Raptor I (Strat-Copy) and a Peavey Rage 158 amp.
I can't afford to spend a fortune on a pedal if I find one. I have little to no knowledge about guitar effects, other than the fact that I want my guitar to sound like the one in that song. I don't know if that danelectro pedal is a rip-off or not, or if it's even what I'm gonna want.

Please, help me out here. Tell me what you can.
Don't get the Danelectro, it won't last and the sound isn't great. Save the $15 and put it towards something better, or even a shirt or a 3 medium pizzas from Dominos or something. Point is, it's good for $15, but in the grand scheme of things it's still horrible and you'd be better off not spending the money because it won't last.

The difference between reverb and delay is that with delay, you're supposed to be able to differentiate between the dry sound and the effect. You hear the sound from the guitar, then it repeats. With reverb, it's supposed to blend together. Imagine playing guitar in a large concert hall, there will be sound bouncing back off the walls, but you can't really seperate the various notes.

It's hard to explain. Reverb sounds more natural and adds lots of ambience, and delay can get you a bunch of crazy sounds. If you're aiming toward reverb, like you said, +1 on the Holy Grail.

EDIT: forgot to mention slapback. Think about records from the 50's or 60's. There's a really short delay with no repeats. It's like playing guitar in the bathroom.
the song sounds like a combination of reverb and delay. i have the digidelay and its great, but i think its a little bit expensive for what you get. the danelectro pedal though, looks ok, but theres no way to change the length of the delay (how much time it takes the sound to bounce back) so you have less control over your sound. if thats ok with you, then id say buy it, since if you dont like it then you would only lose $15. i've also been looking for a reverb pedal, specifically the digiverb, unless thats too expensive for you.