I just got my ibanez edge floating tremelo in the mail yesterday, and im trying to put it in my rg350 ex. biggest deal im noticing so far is the posts, not only the screws themselves, but the anchored posts themselves have to be removed. are them dam things glued in or what lol, whats the best way to go about removing them and also id appreciate any pictures of the back setup, im not too sure how far to put the screws in for the plate. thank alot for any help.
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well i know the screws i the back are used for tension. they connect to the plate

which connects to the springs and springs to bridge and bridge to strings and stings to tuners

the bridge pivots on the 2 bolts on the front side.

what you need to do is get everything together on the guitar

the 2 bolts in the back adjust the tension for angle of the bridge while it pivots.i.e. the more you tighten them the bridge angle will be lower, and the more you loosen the angle will be higher

higher meaning away from the body of the guitar and lower meaning closer to the body of the guitar

this will also adjust the action of the guitar

the springs also do that aswell i.e. if the nuts were all the way tightened and the angle of the bridge was to high you could add springs to help tension the angle down more or remove to bring the angle up more

now if you wanted a stiff wammy bar you could add 5 springs ( making it stiffer and harder to move the bridge)in and adjust the 2 screws at the back to the proper inotation

assuming you know how to check inotation

the other question i cannot answer cause i can't get a good picture of the bridge and i don't have one infront of me but i hope that helps you