Does anyone know if standard MIM Fender Strats are routed HSH even though they come with single coils originally? I want to put in a bridge humbucker, and maybe even a neck one later on.
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best way is to take off the pickguard and check, i think some (if not most of them) are though


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not mine. mine's HSS routing, but i have SSS in it. i love it.
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I just checked, and it's HSS. I kind of wish it was HSH though . . .
Anyway, I think I'm going to put a High gain Dimarzio humbucker in the bridge. Maybe an Evolution. I think I'll put a single coil size 'bucker in the neck.
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I don't want to use a chisel. I'd break something.

But about the Breed, it says on Dimarzio that it's more of a classic sounding humbucker. I've also been looking at the Evo 2. Any thoughts?
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Hmm . . . I'll think about the Breeds. What about Air Nortons? I heard those are really good.
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