i just bought a new 7 string a couple of weeks ago, and i really like the idea of extended range. looking at an 8 string has started to interest me a bit. this really isnt a serious inquiry as i wont be able to spend money on one in the near future on account of saving for college. but is ibanez the only company with a production 8 string model out right now? i have found others but the seem to be more of a hybrid bass/guitar more than a mainstream instrument.

any pics/links would be great. and price doesnt really matter right now.
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As far as I know, Ibanez has the only production 8-string that isn't a bass/guitar hybrid thing like you mentioned. I'd say start looking into custom shop work, that way even if you pay a bit more, you get exactly the specs you want, rather than going with a production 8-string if it's not exactly what you want.
Black machine made them before Ibanez, but I'm not sure if you can buy them normally. I have a feeling they're custom.
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or google dark water guitars

im sure u can get him to make you a nice custom one!
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Doesn't Dean produce a Rustey Cooly 8 string?

I thought that was a 7-string?

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Rustey cooley's 8 string is conklin custom shop i believe, but as for regular 8 strings....you would have to wait for the ibanez production 8 to be released or go down the custom route.
Halo has the octavia, but you can get any halo guitar made into an 8 string for 99$ per string.
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I thought that was a 7-string?

Possibly, but he endorses Dean and has an 8 string.... I took a shot. :p
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i would recommend a piano or a Conklin.

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Those are the ones that come to mind.