In your opinion who is the most underated badn now it could be from any where,sighned or not,any genre but they just dont get the credit they deserve.Ok in my opinion its a ska band from Alabama called Hadji and the Turbans.
a band called UIGG from prince edward island canada they are on of THE most kick ass bands i have ver heard
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Thin Lizzy. man those guys pwnd

R.I.P. Phil

+1000000, As I'm listening to the full Jailbreak Album now, they were God split up into two guitars a bass and a drummer
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded


They were like a cross between NIN and Tool, but you never hear about them
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They were like a cross between NIN and Tool, but you never hear about them

then you're listening in the wrong places. and they still get radio time, whether they deserve more or not.

i say there are a few one-hit-wonders that have great songs that go unnoticed.
Less than Jake and Lit are a couple of my favorite bands, but other than 'the science of selling yourself short' and 'my own worst enemy', they get no attention, which is a travishamockery.
I think Hat Trick Heros are gonna be huge one day. They are form Tampa they r awsome. 3 person band takes som skill
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