have you ever had a guitar and it looks great and you can just imagine shredding on it
and you pick it up and you play it and it just doesn't sound right. Thats the problem i have with my guitar a jackson soloist i think. i bought it used and at first it sounded great but it just sounds dull and can sustain a note for longer then 1 second. I have a
line6 spider 3 (i know i like it, i don't care) and if i play my ibanez ( I'm not very good at naming guitar models) it sounds fine. I've tried changing the the strings and using a different cable but with no success. Also can any one tell me what kind of pick-up is on the bottom i think it's some kind of Dimarizo.

Sorry for the kinda big pictures it's all i got my camera broke
yeah when that happens to me i blame the guitar and buy a new one even thou it is probally me and in this case it is probally you
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saying it doesnt "sound right" could be a lot of things....your amp, your guitar, your pickups, maybe it just isn't what you're hearing in your head. it sounds to me like you just started playing guitar sometime recently, but it takes a long time to find a tone that you're satisfied with once you become and established guitar player, and develop an ear for the sound you're looking for and know how to make that sound.
well all guitars are different, too. it could be a difference of pickups, woods the guitar is made out of, strings, if the body is chambered at all which i doubt...
well i started about 3 years ago
but what i'm really trying to say is the jackson used to sound good but now it sounds horrible
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do the guitar strings sustain when not plugged in...just wondering...?
not really they are high enough to clear the frets when held down
When i come home from a guitar store, my guitar will fight (ie go out of tune, not bend notes right, etc...) with me to play it because it knows ive played other guitars, but then i apologize and everything is better.
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lower the pickups
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Quote by man_po_po
not really they are high enough to clear the frets when held down

Not sure what you mean

Basically what I wanted to know is if the strings sound out when not plugged in and do the notes last long...easy way to check is to carefully put your guitar heastock against a drywall studded wall ( not a concreat wall) and play the strings and the wall should make it easier to hear if the notes sound out longer/sustain or not.

try it and come back and tell us how it went.