I might go buy a new one because Halo 2 is getting a little boring, anyone got any suggestions.

BTW, it's the XBOX not the Xbox 360.
The 2nd Splinter Cell had that cool spies vs. mercs mode. IDK if anyone play it anymore though...

EDIT: Er, wait didn't Double Agent come out for the X-box too. I don't tremember.
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im pretty sure that the original xbox live is gunna die out soon .. unless its like halo 2 because most of the game servers are down
crimson skies, star wars battlefront. I doubt people still play them tho. I wish people still played battlefront, that was so much better than battlefront 2
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Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. Double Agent's multiplayer sucked ass.
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dude i think its about time you start thinking about getting a 360 as when halo 3 comes out id say halo 2 will be obselite and evryone will got to 360 for the halo 3 madness. but yeah chaos theory had nice multiplayer, project gotham and forza were sweet too.
To tell you the truth dude, I don't think anyone really plays many Xbox games besides Halo 2 on Live anymore. Back in its prime PGR2 was possibly the most fun I've ever had on Live. Good luck finding people playing it though. My advice, just save until you can afford a 360.
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Battlefield 2. I just played that on live today and it was cool. I don't own it and I'm entertained with Halo 2.
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people basicly only play halo 2 on the priginal xbox live now. it sucks, cuz i loved crimson skies and splinter cell

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