I wanna download it.

I have a gameboy emulator - visual boy advance- but can't get a hold of a pokemon trading card game download. I'm pretty sure someone at UG will be able to help me out?

that game pissed me off. i never EVER won a single coin toss.
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Ugh... I hated that friggin game...but I played it so much. That game never...EVER lets you win.
That game was awesome! But only when you knew others that you could trade cards with.

I remember that one place that had some door that I used to spend forever trying to work out how to open it.
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Dang man!

Now you have me wanting to play it!

brb downloading it
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I found it after 2 minutes googling, you fail at internet.
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That game's friggin hard. And, it sucks. I don't know why you want it.
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