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Buying an electric guitar

Those Gibson Les Paul seem really expensive.. I'm still tackling the prices. I want a good guitar (Fender) but max 450 euros ($550). And that's max my pricerange, so I'm generally looking for a 200-350 euros guitar ($300-$450). I'm just trying to say that I don't want a bad sounding guitar or any guitar that is low quality. lol. A goone one. Yes, that's the point.

I read Squier is less good and Fender is awesome.
Is Epiphone Les Paul 100 a not-so-good guitar? Anyway as you know I'm a beginner. Check my thread for further details.

Any advice is very welcome.


Ok I found some guitars after having read you guys' suggestions:
Epiphone Limited edition

There is also
"Epiphone by Gibson"

Then this:
Epiphone SG with EMG humbucker and Laney Linebacker 100 WATT 2 channel (dunno if it is good)

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fender standard stratocaster $400
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Get a standard stratocaster. XD Idk it's just my personal prefrence.
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The made-in-Mexico strats are surprisingly good. Play a bunch of them and pick out a good one.