Is ther bestest dog,IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!

Unfortunately I cant have him cause its against the rules in the trailer park.I snrak him in about twice a month for a visit and keep him for a few days. Hes been living at my stepdaughters. There he has a fenced in yard a dog door and a Sheltie for a buddy. My dog is half Beagle half miniuture Pinscher. He is so good natured ,he likes to lick the faces of little children and kill ducks(well, he would have if I would have let him).Biting a human being to him is unthinkable.Thats why they use Beagles for animal experiments. They are great great dogs. I miss him.
Does he give you sexytime?
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lmfao man thats so sick and depraved and yet funny all at once

my hats off to you IbanezSA160, you have embodied the Pit into one little poem
Do you get internet in trailer parks?
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Derigiberble would win in a fight against any UGer, n00b or not, just because most people on the site can't help but love him/her.

Get, Get, Get, Get, Get Out And Push.
i think maybe you should sell your computer and dont get dial up or cable or dsl or w/e anymore

i think its stupid for people who live in **** houses or trailerparks to be able to have like dsl or like big screen tvs [well with those where would u put em] or like anything really expensive